Sebring eSports champs gear up for spring season – The-review

Sebring eSports champs gear up for spring season – The-review

SEBRING — A group of students playing video games might seem like friendly competition, but at Sebring, it’s a team sport. 

ESports is competitive, organized video gaming that involves teams or individuals competing against others in a number of popular strategy games.

The 12-student team went 5-1 during its inaugural season for both Fortnite and Rocket League. The district’s Fortnite team advanced to the playoffs, winning the Club Level Championship.

Sebring's eSports team won a Club Level Championship in its first season of competition last spring. The team will be conducting tryouts for its next season next month.

The school’s eSports team has many of the same requirements as students who participate in other sports. Students must meet the same minimum GPA restrictions and also go through tryouts each season. Students who earn a place on the roster compete either on the school’s Fortnite team or Rocket League team.

Students commit to a season of two pre-competition scrimmage weeks, 10 regular-season games, and a 64-team bracket for playoffs into the championship game. Prior to each game, the students have a two-hour practice day, and are also encouraged to practice their respective games with their teammates outside of the organized times.

“In terms of the games, there is plenty of hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, team work, communication, and situation assessment,” said Brad Kirkland, Sebring