San Marcos Parks & Recreation welcomes new esports program | News | San Marcos, CA –

San Marcos Parks & Recreation welcomes new esports program | News | San Marcos, CA –



Calling all gamers! The San Marcos Parks & Recreation Department invites community members to test out their video game competition skills in an exciting new esports program. Compete in your favorite video games and join the growing community of esport players.

The first virtual tournament is on Aug. 28 and it’s free to the public. Follow these four easy steps to reserve your spot before the Aug. 27 registration deadline. Don’t miss your chance to play in the inaugural San Marcos esports program!

1.     Download the Mission Control app.

2.     Register for an account through the app.

3.     Search for and join the “San Marcos Parks & Recreation” organization.

4.     Register for an open league.

Participants can play fan favorite games including APEX Legends, Mario Kart, Fortnite, Smash Bros Ultimate, Call of Duty Warzone and FIFA. Power up your console or PC. It’s time for gaming!

The San Marcos esports program is open to all ages and ability levels. The Parks & Recreation Department will facilitate free monthly esports tournaments.

About esports

Organized video game competitions – also known as esports – is popular in the gaming community to connect with competitors and elevate gaming skills. As video streaming, such as Twitch increased, the awareness and demand for esports exploded. Esports programs can be found around the world and have even been adopted by colleges as varsity sports.

Learn more about the Parks & Recreation Department esports program here.

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