New esports campus to make Philadelphia national gaming hotspot – WPVI-TV

New esports campus to make Philadelphia national gaming hotspot – WPVI-TV

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — “No matter what your interest is in gaming, you have a place to come here and find that community and be a part of something bigger,” said Ben Schlegel, Vice President of events with Nerd Street Gamers.

What started as a grassroots community in the early 2010s has leveled up into a massive gaming coalition taking the city by storm.

“We’re a Philadelphia born and started company,” said Schlegel. “We went from an office space on North Third Street to our brand new Localhost facility here on North Broad Street.”

Today, Nerd Street Gamers opened a new branch of their series of esport facilities called, “Localhost.” The indoor entertainment complex is home to more than 150 state-of-the-art personal computers and A-list gaming consoles such as the Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch. It is located at their national headquarters on North Broad Street in Philadelphia, which they call, “The Block.” They have partnered with many local institutions, such as Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and Five Below, to make video game events a reality.

The congregate setting is a breeding ground for leadership, teamwork, and in-person interactions to break down the stigma surrounding video games.

“Gamers, it’s kind of like they stay inside all day and don’t meet with other people,” said Samuel Jolade from Williamstown, New Jersey. “But here, you physically see a whole bunch of people here. It kind of feels like a home away from home.”

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