Hong Kong Wants Esports Funding From The Government – EsportsTalk

Hong Kong Wants Esports Funding From The Government – EsportsTalk


in General | May, 27th 2021

Researchers in Hong Kong found that 72% of people want to see funding for esports from their government. That is a massive number without a doubt. It could mean really good things for the people of Hong Kong. One of the things that esports lacks is organization and government support. It’s a huge source of income for people who find success in it, and why wouldn’t the government want to get in on that? We’re honestly surprised more governments haven’t as of yet. We do know that there is a real push for it from the Hong Kong public though.

There’s So Much To Do:

That does sound like a huge number, for sure. The survey came from telephone calls on 1500 residents, age 15 and over. There was also a questionnaire survey on 2,100 secondary and university students in Hong Kong back in 2020. These people overwhelmingly supported esports development in Hong Kong. Given the bracket being worked with, it’s not really too big of a surprise. 69% of people also think the government should subsidize this development through funding in Hong Kong. 

There is a need for a solid infrastructure in esports, so each game and league doesn’t feel vastly different. Resources are needed for smaller games to grow, that’s for sure. That and advertising, but that’s a problem the studios and scenes