Esports Team Coming to Faulkner | News | – Montgomery Independent

Esports Team Coming to Faulkner | News | – Montgomery Independent

Faulkner University is excited to announce plans for a new eSports team scheduled to begin competition in the fall of 2022!

Esports, organized video game competitions, is exploding in popularity across high schools, colleges and universities throughout the country. Since competitions are virtual, they can be broadcast online for viewers to watch around the world.

Faulkner has recognized esports as a great opportunity to attract prospective students and hopes to be a part of building it into an established competitive collegiate sport.

Much like early college football, esports is growing from a grassroots effort where gaming guidelines, competition schedules and player formats are agreed upon with mutual cooperation between opposing teams.

Organized under the Faulkner Athletics Department, Faulkner esports is scheduled to launch by the fall of 2022, however, renovations and development of the new esports arena should be completed by December 2021.

Faulkner’s plans are to