Adderall in Esports – How big is the problem and can it be fixed? – News

Adderall in Esports – How big is the problem and can it be fixed? – News

Last week CDL pro player Huke revealed the extent of his Adderall use. In a 30-minute video, the competitive player came up publicly with the way in which he utilized the drug. It included use in some pretty major events for the game.

However, the news didn’t come as a big surprise to many. For a while, Adderall esports use has been something largely known about. The extent of Aderall and similar amphetamine based substance abuse has never been entirely public.

How far does the problem of esports Adderall abuse actually go, and why do we keep revisiting this topic?

Adderall in Esports – Why is it a Problem

Adderall in esports is considered a performance-enhancing drug. While typically prescribed to deal with ADHD, it is widely used recreationally for fun and also as an aid to help concentration and technical skill. Students use it when writing essays or studying, and esports players use it to increase their performance. Even our own editor recall to using it recreationally during DreamHack over a decade ago just to stay awake for the event. He also recalls esports players using the same “batch” during the event.

Just how much effect the drug has on your performance is debatable. Players do still need to have great skill with the game that they’re playing. It isn’t a magic pill. However, when competing at the top of